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Welcome to my website! I am a principal researcher at the University of Chicago. My research develops computational methods for applied data analysis. I work with Panos Toulis on randomization methods for causal inference. Recent work focuses on experimental data generated from networks.

My identical twin is an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. His website can be found here.

Policy Research Laboratory (Fall 2021)

The Policy Research Laboratory (PRL) is offered in the McCombs School of Business. Students will take a semester-long course in statistics, econometrics, and data science to learn the tools necessary for policy and social science research. In parallel, the students will apply these tools to real-world data and answer crucial policy questions. Policy research is important, and appropriately using data, cutting-edge statistical tools and remaining skeptical are equally important. Students can expect to leave this class with a deep understanding of policy questions and a toolbox for evaluating them.

After the semester, the research assistantship begins. Students will be matched with policy projects within the center and/or with faculty. They will have the opportunity to immediately use their skills learned in PRL to work on exciting research that culminates in journal submission and publication. The research projects will be high impact and could elucidate cause-and-effect and tradeoffs of policies being discussed in the global arena.

Graduate School Teaching

Machine Learning in Finance. Quantitative Investing Strategies. Spring 2016.

Beauty and Teaching. Pedagogy. Spring 2016.

Mean-variance Portfolios. Quantitative Investing Strategies. Spring 2016.

Betting Against β and The CAPM. Quantitative Investing Strategies. Spring 2015.